Chuck Not Captcha

Just click chuck

Are you tired of spambots or people who doesn't know Chuck Norris? This may be your solution

Chuck Not Captcha is a easy to use captcha, you just click on chuck.


0.0.2 (35% more GPL)

Removed all use of JS.

0.0.1 (original release)

Proof of concept, not really usable nor secure out of the box. Get some pics, resize and position them with some ramdomnes but you can brute-force it.


License, Author, previous projcts?

The code is released under GPL2 and was written by Aza who based on Animal Captcha. But I'll probably update it to GPL3 when rewriting.

How safe is it?

Currently not much, just by chance you have a 14% success rate, but i have some ideas for future versions.

Does it work without Chuck Norris?

I've never tried it and couldn't care less, but some people say it works with Sagan too.

Did Chuck Norris wrote the code?

I'm in no way associated with Chuck Norris, nor have his permission for anything, that's why the captcha is *not* called the Chuck Norris Captcha (as i originally planed).

I feel like kitten

Here you have